Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why I Love Herrschner's

I just got my new crochet afghan kit that I recently ordered from Herrschner's. I received it in less than a week, and my order was right-as always. I can't wait to order again!

Here's what I bought:

I hope to start the kit soon!


  1. I love that afghan you picked -it is really nice :)

  2. I've had great success with Herrschner's too. I've also used Mary Maxim and been pleased as well.
    Good luck with your blog... I'm now a " stalker ".... I mean " follower ". HA HA

  3. I'm curious. I only just discovered your site and have been browsing past posts. Did you ever find the time to make this afghan?

    I used to use Herrschner's for years and years. Then I fell off their list. I think I need to get back on.

    Hugs and prayers

  4. I see you are using Red Heart Super Saver, and I have a BIG question about it. I bought a TON of this yarn online, I got Economy Size. So when I say a ton, I meant it! I intended this to be my "go to" yarn for months, and got so many colors, and gradient shades of purples, pinks, and blues. Problem, I've already made two shawls from it, and it's just so stiff and scratchy and does not drape at all. It's like it's been starched. Does washing projects made w/this yarn make it any softer? I'm afraid to make anything else out of it because it feels so bad, and doesn't seem to be intended for shawls, let alone afghans! If washing does help, are there any specifics I need to know when washing my newly made shawls? Do I dry it in a dryer with a fabric softener sheet? What temp to wash and dry? As you can see, I'm desperate to soften my garments! I hope you are able to reply! I'm heartsick with worry! Thanks!